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12th Grade

Senior year probably elicits both feelings of excitement and anxiety. Excitement for what the future holds and anxiety surrounding how to make it happen. With Tracy's personalized and comprehensive approach, students and families will have the necessary guidance for navigating all facets of the college application process, while also alleviating stress and uncertainty wherever possible.

12th Grade Packages Include:

 Student and parent(s)/guardian(s) will each receive a questionnaire in May prior to 12th grade. These questionnaires will take some time and thought, but are essential pieces to helping me get to know the student. Questionnaires need to be returned by June 1.

I meet separately (in-person or via Zoom) with the student and parent(s)/guardian(s) during early June to review questionnaires and expand on any information that was shared. School selection and expectations relative to academics, extracurricular activities and interests will be discussed during these meetings.

While most seniors do come to this process with a preliminary list of prospective schools and tentative deadlines, that is not a requirement. I can help students and families identify a list of schools, or expand the list, as needed. A preliminary list needs to be in place by July 1 and a finalized list will be confirmed soon after the release of the Common Application on August 1.  

Once a prospective school list and anticipated deadlines are finalized, I will compile a comprehensive timeline that maps out the application process week-by-week until the last application is submitted. The bulk of this timeline will include scheduling for brainstorming, writing, and editing of essays. I know that teenagers' schedules are fraught with other commitments and unforeseen academic demands, therefore, built-in buffer time is always factored into these timelines.

These meetings will typically begin (in-person or via Zoom) on a bi-weekly basis in June and will increase to weekly around September 1 (earlier if a student is aiming for any deadlines that fall prior to October 15). These weekly meetings will continue until the last application is submitted.  

I welcome contact from students and parent(s)/guardian(s) in between meetings via text, phone, and/or email to lend support, answer questions, and/or address concerns.

Parent(s)/Guardian(s) will receive weekly update emails following my meetings with their student. Each email will outline Action Items for the student to complete prior to our next meeting. I will also set up check-ins at intervals agreed upon in the Parent Questionnaire to ensure ongoing communication.

I am available to counsel or talk through school options once admissions offers have been received and prior to the student making a final decision.

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