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10th & 11th Grade


Monthly check-ins from June 1 - May 31 with unlimited access via text, email and phone to answer questions. Ongoing planning for the student's high school career with a focus on:

  • Course Selection

  • Testing

  • Recommendations

  • Extracurricular Activities

  • Employment

  • Interests

  • Community Outreach

  • Leadership

10th Grade: $250

11th Grade: $500

Fees paid will be credited towards any package purchased for 12th grade

12th Grade


Personalized and ongoing support for all facets of the college application process:

  • Finalizing a list of prospective schools and deadlines

  • Managing timelines

  • Brainstorming, composing, and editing of all essays

  • Compiling a polished list of activities

  • Assisting with the Common Application Platform

  • Providing post-admission counseling

Packages start

at $3,500

Pricing is based on the number of supplemental essays to be written


In order to ensure the best service for my clients, space for each grade has limited availability.

Prices listed are for the 2024-25 admissions season.

10th & 11th Grades: Contracts run June 1-May 31.

12th Grade: Contracts run June 1 until all applications are submitted and a college decision is made.

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