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The Admissions Difference

With the growing number of applicants to colleges and universities, it is more important than ever for prospective students to compile a cohesive, comprehensive and unique application that stands out in a crowd. As a College Planner and Essay Consultant with years of admissions experience, Tracy Mayo works one-on-one with students in 10th-12th grades to help make that happen.


Her work with 10th and 11th graders focuses on mapping out a plan for a student's high school years. This includes course selection, testing, extracurricular activities, employment, community outreach, and leadership as they tie into a student's interests and goals. This thoughtful approach positively positions each student to craft impactful college applications that truly reflect who they are. 


Come 12th grade, the focus expands to include assisting students and their families with navigating the college application process from beginning to end. This entails finalizing a list of prospective schools, managing timelines, overseeing the essay writing process, curating a polished list of activities, and providing ongoing support to answer questions and alleviate stress.

Our Services


What classes should my student take in high school? How do college admissions committees view AP classes vs. Dual Enrollment? Where do test scores factor into the decision-making process for schools these days? What types of extracurricular activities should my student be doing? How many activities does my student need to put on their college application in order to be a competitive applicant? What schools fit my student's interests, personality and academic goals? Is there an advantage to applying for Early Decision vs. Early Action vs. Regular Decision? What constitutes a "good" college essay?

Questions surrounding the college application process are seemingly endless! And while hiring a College Consultant won't make college admissions any less fickle, it will ensure that you have a professional who will consider all of these questions, and more, as they help you and your student navigate the process. 

You can expect a College Consultant to:

  • Advise students on incorporating the essential building blocks for college applications (academics, testing, activities, community outreach, leadership) into their high school careers.

  • Be readily available to answer college admissions and application questions.

  • Collaborate with students and their families to identify and finalize a list of prospective schools.

  • Oversee the college application process from beginning to end, including brainstorming and editing essays, curating a polished list of extracurricular activities, managing timelines, and assisting with the Common Application platform.

  • Provide emotional support as a cheerleader, empathetic listener and executive functioning coach.

The road to hitting "submit" on that last application can seem interminable at times, but a College Consultant can be an invaluable resource for making the process run smoothly and ensuring your student submits a cohesive, dynamic and personalized application.

A personalized plan for the high school years that will provide the building blocks for college applications.

Assurance that your applications will stand out in the crowd and maintain an authentic voice.

Assistance with composing applications that will provide Admissions Committees with a full snapshot of who you are.

A supportive and collaborative approach to build trust, alleviate stress, and manage deadlines.

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